Klaus-peter Selzer

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Born in 1959 in Dillingen / Saar - Germany
"A passionate photographer" and since 1981 I have been intensively involved in photography as an autodidact.
“Photos should not always only show reality, but also leave a little space for your own ideas, imaginations and fantasies. In addition, they don't always have to claim documentary authenticity "
Since 1981 I have been a member of FIAP (Fédération International d`Art Photographique), Fotoclub 78 Saar e.V., DVF (German Association for Photography e.V.) and since 2003 of the "Alpha International Photo Group"
Preferred subjects are travel reports with a focus on the "north" (including Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Alaska), animal and nature photography (Africa, Europe) and studio photography with "animal models".
I take photos with Canon cameras, until 2005 analogue with the AE1 and EOS 5, from 2005 digitally - now with the 7D MII - on a lens range of 11-600 mm.
I won some national and international awards ( p.e. HIPA/Dubai, Trierenberg Super Circuit / A, German Photo-Championship ) - had some publications in books and magazines, and had some exhibtions in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg.