Carlos Guevara

Country: Chile 🇨🇱

From a very young age, I felt the need to convey through images the emotions that caused me the landscapes that I knew and that amazed me.

I was born in San Fernando, the central zone of Chile. I am the eldest of four brothers, from my father I inherited the love for nature and from my mother the sensitivity to enjoy the simple things in life. I graduated in Civil Engineering in Computing at the University of Chile, I obtained an MBA with a major in Finance from the same university. I got married and had two children, I got divorced and remarried. I have done many activities in my life and in all of them I have given myself to the fullest, I developed a career as an engineer and I was also a university professor for 30 years, but I am nothing more passionate than breathing fresh air and outdoor life. I say that “I was born a mountaineer” and since I was 12 years old I have vibrated through the Andes mountains, I love to travel and I usually vibrate with the simplest things in life.
For many years I dreamed of being able to develop as a photographer, today I feel that I still have an infinite path to go, because you never finish learning and improving, but the road already exists and is started. When one feels a passion for something it is impossible to stop, photography occupies a very important place in my life and is really a passion and I want to live it as such, always improving. I also think that it is very important to be able to define and clarify in each one what we are looking for with photography, the worst thing that can happen is to photograph by photographing, in that case I think it is transformed into an empty activity, without background, without message and most likely, it will soon end up being diluted.