Reza Baradaran esfahani

Country: Iran 🇮🇷

I am Reza Baradaran Esfahani
I was born in Isfahan, Iran on 9/18/1985.
I have been doing professional photography for about 5 years.
I did not have a camera. My friend had a compact camera and I borrowed it from him and he took pictures.
The awards I received during a year of photography competitions I was able to buy a camera and upgrade a few years later.
Now I have a camera and I take pictures.

Educational Information :
I have a bachelor's degree in computer software.
I also have a degree in photography from a technical and professional university.

Working information :
I am a programmer in Borna company.
I was a photographer for the treatment magazine for two years.
I have been doing advertising photography for three years.

Honors :
- About 40 photos accepted in FIAP and PSA photography competitions.
- Two marks of appreciation of the jury from the photography competitions related to FIAP.
- Receive an award for about 20 photos from Iran's national competitions.
- Holding six group exhibitions in Isfahan.
- Holding a group exhibition in Paris.

My motto in photography :
“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do”