Muhammad mostafigur Rahman

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman is a Bangladeshi photojournalist based in the capital Dhaka. He has been documenting people and culture, landscapes, wildlife, environmental issues, festivals, entertainment, sports, business, and political events in Bangladesh for over two decades since 2000.

Head of Photography at, the country's first-ever digital media outlet, Rahman’s prolific lenses have captured almost every corner of the country and virtually all aspects of life here. ‘Beautiful Bangladesh’ is his signature, which is clearly evident in an overwhelming collection of diversified pictures.

Rahman is a travel enthusiast, and his love of exploring new places drove him to the field of professional photography. Specialized in travel photography, he also writes about his exhilarating experiences with different newspapers and magazines under the pen name Mustafiz Mamun. He has so far written four books and had his images used in many national and global publications.

A postgrad in Political Science from the University of Dhaka, Rahman obtained a one-year diploma at Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography, one of the best schools of visual arts in the world.

His obsession with the positive representation of his homeland has been showcased in a few remarkable exhibitions at home and abroad. His pictorial portrayal of Bangladesh has earned him numerous prestigious domestic and international awards.