Angélica Carrasco

Country: Mexico 🇲🇽

Angélica Carrasco is an 18 year old mexican student of architecture and photography enthusiast born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico in the year 2000. She specializes in portrait photography and conceptual self-portrait, influenced by various artistic expressions of which painting stands out. From the age of 15 she felt that photography could be a way of expressing her fears, sadness, feelings and emotions. Despite her young age, Angelica began her photographic career in 2016 with her participation in local festivals in her city such as "Entijuanarte" and "Fusionarte". Later on, with her first collective exhibition outside her city at the Museum of Photographic Arts at Balboa Park, in San Diego, USA. As well as her most recent international participation in the collective exhibition of the International Photography Festival in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, alongside photographers from 15 countries around the world, captivating with ideas that generate an impact on the viewer\\\'s mind, until an important connection is made to share.