Mohammad shahnewaz Khan

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Mohammad Shahnewaz Khan, born in 1984, lives in Chittagong. He works as a freelance photographer who also sees himself as a social activist, Curator and Educator. He is the Founder Director of the VOHH Photography Institute, VOHH Foundation and the VOHH FOTO FEST.
Khan has won more than 100 international awards in the field of photojournalism and Documentary photography, Including; IanParry Scholarship-HM, UNICEF POY-HM, Alexia Student Grant, Andrei Stenin Press Award, IPOTY, Photoshare award, Al MayadeenTV award. Shortlisted: SWPA, Lucie Scholarship. He was Nominated: WPP Masterclass, UNICEF POY, Magnum EF Grant.

His photo series have been featured in print media and TV shows worldwide, Including; CNN, Sunday Times, Amnesty International, Guardian, NetGeo, Al Jazeera, FotoEvidence, BJP, TIME, Público, EyesOpen, Russia Today, Al MayadeenTV. And have been exhibited in 40 countries; Including: Somerset House, House of Lords, Royal Geographical Society, UN HQ, Lumiere brothers center of photography, Addis Foto Fest, Bursa PhotoFest. His assignment experience includes: World Bank-IFC, CNN, Sputnik, Al MayadeenTv, Alexia, Público etc.

His long term projects have also been the subject of teaching, lectures and research in many Universities and Organizations in The US and Europe, like: Johns Hopkins University, East Carolina University, Duke University, University of Washington, LSE, University of Roehampton, WHO, University of Michigan, Notre Dame Etc.