David nam lip Lee

Country: Malaysia 🇲🇾

David Nam Lip LEE, 42 is married to Fui Yung and they have three lovely daughters. David completed his tertiary education in Sabah, and his degree in 2002 at Curtin University of Technology, Australia.\\r\\nDavid lives in the state of Sabah known as The Land Below the Wind. Sabah used to be a british Colony, and still hass Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Prince Phillip Park as a reminder of close linkage with Great Britian. Sabah has its majestic Mount Kinabalu, beautiful beaches, many island ideal for diving and one of the world ranked best sunset. It is renowned for its oldest rainforest in the world. David’s passion for photography since he picked a camera has not waned. It was an expensive hobby in those days. Besides pursuing his hobby, he also owns and operates a seafood restaurant. David participated his first photography workshop at Masai Mara, Kenya in 2014. He has gained so much knowledge and the shared experiences from the menbers at the expedition. He went from a snapshot photographer to become an participant in international competition and exhibition. Photography has helped David to establish a positive outlook on life and changed his view of the world. David believes the main reason of photography is to capture the moment of life. Images with impact emotion may let the viewers experience the same feeling. It also helps him to deliver messages that he wants to tell to his audience. David hopes images taken by him can deliver messages that he wants to tell to the audience. Photography allow him to capture the inner beauty of a person. It also has the ability to express a thought, feeling or idea so that it is understood by people who view them. David has travelled to different countries and documented his exploration through his camera. He loves photographing of people and their culture because this is a good way to learn about others in a different angle. David also like taking photo of wildlife and landscape, he learned how to respect mother-nature. AWARDS • 14th ANNUAL LUCIE AWARDS ~Nominated and awarded the Photographer Discovery Of The Year; • INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (IPA) ~First Prize and Special Photographer of the Year; • PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE, PARIS (PX3) 2016 COMPETITION ~Fine Art (People) - Gold Award; • SIENA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD’S 2016 ~Remarkable Artwork Award; • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR ~Finalist and was featured in CNN and BBC News in May 2016. The photograph was exhibited at Everyman Cinema at King Cross Station of London; • PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA (PSA) ~Awarded Portfolio Distinctions SPSA (Silver); • INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2017 (IPA) ~Deeper Perspective Category - 3rd Prize; People (Culture) - 1st Prize; • MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (MIFA) 2017 ~People Category - 1st Prize (Professional Section); • TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (TIFA) 2017 ~People (Children) Category - Gold Winner (Professional Section); ~People (Culture) - Gold Winner (Professional Section); • PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA (PSA) ~Awarded Portfolio Distinctions GPSA (Gold) in 2018; • SIENA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD’S 2018 ~Fascinating Faces and Characters Category – 1st winner of Pangea Prize; • MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (MIFA) 2018 ~People (Portrait) Category – Gold Winner (Professional Section); Another milestone for David was when he set up his new photography gallery, which display his images at a cafeteria called Kampong Kafe Galeri in 2018. David’s dream is to travel around the world and experiencing God’s creation through his lenses. Photography is an image that human eye can perceive. His goal is to capture the moment of happiness, fun, friendship, sadness, unfortunate to share with others so that the photographs can warm their hearths.\\r\\nAs the saying goes: A picture paints a thousand words.