Sina Falker

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

I am a passionate travel photographer and love to discover distant countries! My “wanderlust” started in 2005, where I went on my first long-distance trip to Japan. My passion for photography already existed during that time, even though I was only travelling with a small pocket camera. The positive response to my first, rather unprofessionally snapped pictures caused me to invest in my first SLR camera in 2011. And so, I started on an around-the-world trip passing through Thailand, Australia and Latin America. This led to my passion reaching an increasingly professional standard. Over the following years, my travels have taken me repeatedly to various countries in Latin America and Asia to capture moments of daily life and the diversity of local culture. Due to my strong affinity with the Spanish language and the Latin American way of life, I have already visited a large number of countries from North to South America. My focus is on landscape and portrait photography with a strong preference for traditional and indigenous cultures. Travel photography is a medium for me to connect with people while living my greatest passion at the same time.