Vladimir Cech jr.

Country: Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Photographer in love with animals, with obsession in TOP predators....the mainspring and big passion are definitely felines! Greatest obsession of mine is "dslr camera trapping" with overlap into the conservation photography. This technique has been used by the best for decades. National Geographic and photographers such as Michael “Nick” Nichols, and for me particulary Steve Winter, made this journey to imaginary perfection. Today, this alternative style of photography is becoming more available and more popular in the world, however, possessing technology and producing results are two different worlds. I started to think about camera traps a few years back (2014) when looking at S. Winter’s famous pictures and the pivotal role played again my favourite tigers in which I am a little crazy. But the "problem" with tigers is that they are not in Czech Republic nature! :) Sadly, I’m not the type of photographer who uses the shutter and takes everything, everywhere and all the time. I need a challenge to click/shoot/create. Just someone who says it is not possible! Maybe you already know where I’m heading. The tiger is not that far, and even the European tiger is nicknamed…EURASIAN LYNX, our biggest cat and my challenge. The perfect top predator and, at the same time, the centerpiece of many controversies among the european people. Lynx is the focal point of the home-project, my greatest driving force, but certainly not the only kind I will focus on in the future.