Mohamed Kaouche

Country: Algeria 🇩🇿

With a rather atypical background, Mohamed Kaouche was immersed in the art of photography at a young age. With a camera given to him by his mother at the age of five, he immortalized family moments as well as anything and everything.
The influence of old magazines such as Life, Paris Match and National Geographic stored in a shed in his father's bookstore in the lower Casbah somewhat titillated his curiosity and later his desire to pursue a career as a reporter.
He started to study marketing while he was supposed to study Egyptology in Paris, but he gave up for various reasons. Two years later, in 2003, he decided to earn his living exclusively from photography, multiplying the freelance jobs until he joined the official press agency APS. He left the agency in 2009 to join the staff of a newspaper for a short period of time in 2010, and returned to freelance work, collaborating with magazine publications and Corbis Images until its closure,
Self-taught, he is also versatile, he is not satisfied with making news photos, he also makes advertising photos, photos set and studio.
He accumulated exhibitions and invitations to fairs in different regions of the globe, he exhibited twice at the United Nations headquarters in New York at the University of Berkeley in Washington, as well as some prizes on the international level (1st and 2nd prize at the Guelma Algerie photo fair, 1st prize UAP, and 1st prize PSA SHarijah Enirates, Honorary Prize in Siena ....
His greatest inspiration is the works of the great orientalist masters, their mastery of contrasts, light and colour.
A painting by Eugene Delacroix is a perfect picture''. Translated with (free version)