Alessandro Barteletti

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Through his photos, he has told the reality behind the scenes of news stories and social and sports events for over a decade: from the training of the Italian soldiers leaving for Iraq in 2004 to the earthquake in Abruzzo (Italy) in 2009; from the last days of Pope John Paul II in 2005 to the 2008 presidential elections in the USA, just to mention some works.
He has followed the training of the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli for National Geographic Italia magazine. His project “Going to Space at 60” was the July 2017 issue cover story and went to Space with the astronaut.
Being keen on anything one can drive fast on the roads or fly in the sky, over the last few years he has specialized in the auto and aviation industries. He periodically collaborates with the most important Italian magazines in the automotive field and he does exclusive shootings for the Italian Air Force.