Alexandros Michailidis

Country: Belgium 🇧🇪

Alexandros Michailidis is a photojournalist based in Brussels. Born in Volos, Greece on 1985, he attended photography courses at school of photography "Stereosis" in Thessaloniki and has been reporting since (Phasma- Thessaloniki - 2010, SOOC - 2013, DEPO Photo Agency Istanbul - 2015, ), mainly on breaking news and politics since 2008. Having collaborated with several international newswires. His pictures on the Greek crisis, European Politics and migration crisis have been widely published by the biggest national and international magazines, newspapers, journals and news outlets including front pages (NY Times, Le Monde, Time Magazine). On 2019 , he has received the Siena International Photo Awards, 3rd place in category Documentary - Photojournalism, 3rd place in category Documentary - Photojournalism of SIPA, Honorable Mention in the 2019 MIFA in category Editorial - General News, Honorable Mention in Px3 Paris Photography Prize in category Press - Political. On 2020 he has received the 3rd place and two honorable mentions in the 2020 Moscow International Photography Awards - MIFA in category Editorial - General News. (2020).