Alexandra Sophie

Country: France 🇫🇷

Alexandra Sophie is a French artist and photographer. At home all day long as she stopped school early due to her autism which didn't let her go out, it's in her garden surrounded by flowers and the only presence of her younger sisters that she picks up her first camera in which her light sensitivity will be put at its best.

Her then handicap quickly turns into a strength as she learns to master it, and her colorful work described as sensual, fresh and feminine, entwining humans and nature is recognized by industry leaders. At the age of 22, her regular clients includes Vogues and Harper's Bazaar internationally and Forbes names her one of the 30 under 30.

Now aged 27, Alexandra lives with her husband and her two homeschooled sons in a wide garden where they hope to be living in as much self-sufficiency as possible around their beehives and vegetable patch. She regularly travel to universities and art festivals as a speaker and workshop teacher, and to fields and forests around the planet to take photos in within them.

Alexandra's work never went too far from the original flowers in her garden and whenever she is seen with a camera, it's only to question our identity and the word "normal" - which caused her a lot of troubles - beyond all its meanings : as humans through studies of the human body, paranormal stories and, of course, our place and rights within nature.