Ignacio Medem

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

I was born in Madrid in 1962. After attending the German School in Madrid, I pursued a degree in Law and Business Administration. For the past 33 years, I have been managing my own companies. I have been fortunate to be married to a wonderful woman for 30 years, and together we have raised three sons and one daughter. Balancing my time between family, business, and photography has always been a challenge, but having a supportive and intelligent wife makes it easier.

At the age of 17, I embarked on my photography journey with my first Nikon camera. It wasn't until the digital era that I decided to specialize in nature photography, particularly focusing on wildlife. Since then, I have traveled extensively around the world, seeking out different species and capturing them in their natural habitats. I have developed a strong affinity for cold and Arctic environments.

In recent years, I have embraced aerial photography, utilizing drones to capture unique perspectives and expand my creative vision.

Some of the notable awards I have received in 2019 include being a finalist in the Fotofio competition, winning a category in the 29th Memorial Maria Luisa contest, receiving a highly commended recognition in Asterico, being a category winner in the Siena International Awards, and receiving a highly commended recognition in Glanzlichter. I have also received highly commended recognition in the Maria Luisa Memorial and Glanzlichter in 2020, as well as a highly commended recognition in the Sienna International Awards.