Chin leong Teo

Country: Singapore 🇸🇬

Chin Leong is a Singapore national who has lived and worked in countries as diverse as the United States, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and Japan.

This globetrotting experience has created a desire in him to connect the different cultures of the world through photography and the visual arts.

Chin Leong started his photography pursuit in 2013 and quickly gained international recognition and accolades for his photography work.

Some of the top global photography awards Chin Leong had won include:

• Sony International Photo Awards 2022 – Singapore National Award Winner
• One Eyeland 2021 – World’s #2 Ranked Wildlife Photographer
• One Eyeland 2020 – Photographer of the Year
• Siena Photo Awards 2019 – Pangea Prize
• Photographic Society of America (PSA) – World Top 5 Travel Photographer, Who’s Who List 2019
• Gold Medals and 1st Prize placings in ND Awards, IPA, IPA OneShot, PX3, ROAM, Chromatic Awards, and SmileWorld Photo Awards

Chin Leong’s award-winning works have been widely published and covered by CNA938, National Geographic, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Outdoor Photographer, All-About-Photo Magazine, Geo France, Solent, and Horzu Wissen.

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