Mirja maria Thiel

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Born in Hamburg in 1971, I am a German photographer with a background in literature whose approach to photography is rooted in the fascination for storytelling as a means of rising to challenge, living with change and showing compassion with humanity’s and my own vulnerability. During my four-year-stay in Switzerland, I rediscovered my delight in photography while documenting my three young children. Aged 42, I decided to study „Photojournalism and Documentary Photography“ in Hanover, Germany. As a visual author I feel indebted to the documentary tradition, but at the same time I pursue a subjective and modern approach through in-depth-engagement with my subjects. My longterm work focuses on health challenges like the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the emotional landscape of caregivers, Farewell Sonata (2014-2015), and affected individuals, Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man (2016-2018). With All This Love (2017-) I explore the underrepresented topic of eroticism and sexuality in old age couples.