Teresa Caini

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

I was born on 4th December 1999 in Bologna, Italy, where I have been living my whole life. After concluding a classical studies based high school, I am currently attending Medicine and Surgery faculty. I got my first camera when I was six years old. It was a disposable Kodak. I shot 24 pictures, and when I got them printed I was so proud of myself and of my first pics - although they were undeniably awful. Now I am nineteen years old. I have been taking pictures for my whole life, choosing any subject I believed was worth taking pictures of. My camera has become an extension of my body, I could not think of myself without it. I have taken pictures of any beautiful view I ran into, of any interesting person I came across, of any meaningless detail I found meaningful. I have been attending some technical courses at Spazio Labò photography school, in my hometown, since 2016. Last summer I took part in a ten days long photo workshop held by Elinor Carucci in New York. I have applied for many contests and participated in some portfolio reviews at international festivals. Now I am shooting with a Nikon D750 provided of an 18-140 mm, a Yongnuo 50mm and a 55-300 mm lenses. ​I would not define photography a hobby, it means much more to me: photography is a way to explore and express my interior world. Photography is my project of life.