Yuriy Stolypin

Country: Russia 🇷🇺

I live in St. Petersburg. I started to get interested in photography with the appearance of my first soap dish about 15 years ago, all my creativity at that time was nothing more than pampering, mostly it was photos of friends or some events at school or university. This was the end of my passion for a long time. Later, I returned to photography in a completely unexpected way, through astronomy, or more precisely through photographing celestial objects, when I learned that it is more than accessible to astronomy lovers, which I am to this day. Photographing through a telescope was a dubious pleasure because of the region in which I live, the sky is often covered with clouds, white nights, and it was not possible to constantly go far from the city light. After the telescope broke down, I completely switched to the night landscape, but then everything went by inertia, and I completely went into landscape shooting. I started taking photography seriously more than 5 years ago, when I decided to go to the school of television to study photography. After finishing it, I tried different genres, from portrait to subject photography, but I always returned to landscape and realized that this is exactly the genre that I like. Time does not stand still and with the advent of drones, I began to practice aerial photography, which gave me more opportunities for creative implementation. But no matter how much I shoot landscapes, I always have a craving for astrofto and nightscape, and always try to photograph them at the first opportunity. But during periods when I am in the city for a long time, I like to capture the city and architecture from a drone.