Yauhen Yerchak

Country: Belarus 🇧🇾

Freelance photographer from Belarus. Born in 1985 in Minsk. Since 2010 year working with belarusian digital and print media (Tut.by, The-Village.me, Budzma.org, Euroradio.fm, Belavia OnAir etc). Collaborated as a stringer with Reuters, Associated press, TASS, EPA/EFE, New York Times.
Prize-winner of Belarus Press Photo Award 2014. 2015, Allard Prize Photography Competition 2020, participant of Eastreet 3 / Street Photography from Eastern Europe exhibition (Lublin, Poland, 07.2015), Spravazdacha'14 (Minsk, Belarus, 01-02.2015), Spravazdacha'15 (Minsk, Belarus, 02.2016), Spravazdacha'18 (Minsk, Belarus, 01-02.2016), Belarus.Protest.Art (Rivoli 59, Paris, France, 12.2020).