Anna Biret

Country: France 🇫🇷

I was born in Soviet Poland, where I found my calling in spatial perception and geometric patterns of architecture. After graduating from architectural studies, I moved to Paris, where I live to this day.
I discovered street photography in November 2018, when I decided to take part in one of Maciej Dakowicz's workshops in Mandalay, Burma. It was the first spark that started a whole series of photography trips, from Bolivia to the Bay of Bengal in India, my photos are inspired by the people I meet on every adventure.
I live for spontaneous encounters that can only take place in the streets, looks, compositions and colors lead me to create portraits through contact and empathy. A woman blindfolding her eyes from the sun, a shadow flooding the edges of a fruit stand,
a scarf carried away by a sudden gust of wind, these ordinary scenes become extraordinary fragments that make up my photos.
When I go to the streets with my camera, I have no specific idea of ​​what I will be photographing .. street, light, colors and most of all ordinary people inspire me. I feel that something magical is
happening with me, with the world around me as I take pictures