Dario Lo scavo

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Dario Lo Scavo was born and lives in Sicily on the slopes of the Etna volcano. Since he was a boy he began to be passionate about photography, frequenting and discovering the mountain and volcanic environment of Etna he is increasingly inspired to photograph it, trying to convey the emotions experienced and documenting important eruptive activities from 1997 to today. With his images Dario loves to tell moments of historical and scientific interest, but also poetic and unpublished aspects. Since 2001 he has exhibited and sold his images of him in the gallery of Piano Provenzana, a tourist resort at 1800 meters above sea level, in Linguaglossa on the north side of Etna. strategic point for the departures of the excursions. Here you can still observe the devastating effects of the massive lava flow of 2002 which destroyed all the infrastructures, and changed the natural environment. Main exhibitions: Marte Live at Alpheus in Rome (2006), Foto Roma in the Gallery, Monte Verde street in Rome (2007), Photoshow in Rome (2008), Photoshow in Milan (2009), Photokina in Cologne (2012), Expo in Milan (2015). Dario is a volunteer of the Alpine Rescue and is a nature guide. He organizes photographic workshops and collaborates with many tour operators and tourist agencies. He collaborates with his videos and photos of volcanic activity with national and international communication and scientific research bodies. With the desire to tell about different natural environments and cultures, he has undertaken several trips to remote places in the world. He traveled in the south and north-east of Brazil and in the Amazon, Venezuela, Mexico, Israel-Palestine, Myanmar, Thailand, Greece, Holland, South Africa, Ethiopia. Main recent awards: In 2009 and 2008 he was the author recommended of the Photographic Award of the National Association of Tau Visual Photographers.
In 2018 he is among the recommended authors of the international Asferico competition.
In 2020 he received a silver medal in the nature category of the 'Scattiamo per l’Italia' competition, and is among the members of the WPC Team Italy. In 2020 he is the absolute winner of the international ‘Asferico' competition, and winner of the landscape category. In 2021 he is among the members of the WPC Team Italy and is among the finalists in the nature category.