Selene Magnolia

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Selene Magnolia is an Italian award-winning freelance photojournalist. With a background in grassroots activism, her work spans issues relating to social justice, anthropology, human rights, feminism, environment, and food production. Selene was raised in the Italian Dolomites and now lives between London, where she studied at the British Academy of Photography, and Berlin. She works on independent projects when not on assignment represented by multiple agencies such as Ecostorm and Wildlight. She is a permanent contributor to the Canadian media agency WeAnimals Media. Her belief in research, slow journalism, and an ethos of political participation informs her approach to documentary projects. During the past years, she covered, among others, topics such as environmental crime, migration and border emergency in Europe and the in the Central Mediterranean, and she has traveled over one and a half years to the biggest Gypsy ghetto in Europe. Selene is one of the contributing photographers to photographic book of the year 2020 HIDDEN, awarded by POY.