Nataliya Andrianova

Country: Russia 🇷🇺

Photographer, especially keen on mountain and street photography. Awarded in international photo contests, such as Polar Perspective (2014, Russia), Foreign View (2014, 2016, Russia), Phodar Biennial (2015, Bulgaria), Photography of Mountain and Nature in Onati (2015, Spain), Olympus Global Open Photo Contest (2015, Japan), FotoKrok (2016, Belarus), Open Festival Of Photographic Art (2017, Russia), Nikon (2017, 2019 Russia), Global Photography China (2018, China) and many others.
Exhibited in Russia, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Turkey, Japan and China, including NordArt (2016, 2017, Büdelsdorf, Germany), photo18 Zurich (2017, 2020 as a part of London Photo Festival), Alfred Fried Photography Award 2015 exhibitions in Paris, Rome and Geneva, and also a personal exhibition in Moscow.