Alla Sokolova

Country: France 🇫🇷

I was born in March 1966 in Riga, Latvia. All my childhood and youth, I went in for sports. I became the USSR Junior Champion at the age of 17, then the USSR and Europe Cup Winner. I was awarded with the title of Masters of Sports of International class in 1986. \r\nMy sports victories and defeats have become a kind of vaccine for patience and endurance for all my life. \r\nThe car accident in 1996, which made me disabled for 2 years, became the crucial point in my life. Due to my will power I managed to get back on my feet and was able to move independently. After that I started my own business.\r\nIn 2012 I moved to live in France, on the Cote d\'Azur. It became the second crucial moment in my life after which I started to see the world in a whole new way and dedicated my life to photography.\r\nI began to participate in international photo contests FIAP and received extensive experience and incentive to develop my professionalism. In 2018 I was awarded with the title of Photo Artist AFIAP.\r\nFor the last three years I have received 172 awards, 92 medals at international FIAP contests.\r\nMy main goal is always to be interesting and unpredictable! The main thing is to know that I\'m on the right way and there are my relatives and friends nearby who support me in everything and who believe in my success.