Julia Schönstädt

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Julia Schönstädt is an award-winning, portrait photographer and video director working between London and Berlin. She studied Photography Design at Berlin's iconic Lette Verein and went on to do her Master's at the renowned Goldsmiths, University of London.

Her ‘16 Bars Project', a critical examination of the penal system in Germany, was recognised and awarded by The Guardian in 2014. Subsequently, in 2015, a book was published on the same topic by German-publisher, Asso Verlag.

As an extension of her personal philosophy, Julia strives to collaborate and partner with brands that are committed to elevating the status of women, gender equality and female empowerment within the creative industry and beyond.

Julia is on the roster of Equal Lens, a non-profit championing the work of women and non-binary photographers as well as being a contributing photographer for SOPA images.

Since 2020 Julia is also a lecturer at the London School of Photography.