Taisir Mahdi

Country: Iraq 🇮🇶

Tayseer Mahdi Khudair Kazem, born in Iraq / in 1985 AD, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Baghdad, College of Languages ​​- holds a diploma in English*. He worked for several news agencies and participated in several exhibitions in Iraq and abroad, and international exhibitions. The most important thing he aspires to is to photograph the cultures and customs of the peoples of the world and travel to several countries in order to discover their cultures * He has won many awards and international, local and Arab competitions, more than 80 prizes, including the best young photographers of 2018 and first place in the International Stenin Competition held by the Russian Agency and first place The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Competition in the UAE and the first place in the Jordanian Festival and other positions that he achieved in many international competitions