Marco Steiner

Country: Austria 🇦🇹

Marco Steiner, originally from Austria, has been a professional dive guide since 1995. He has studied Digital Film in Berlin and has been working for several public TV stations in Germany as camera assistant. Since 2011 he lives in the Maldives and works full time as a dive center manager, dive guide and underwater photographer.
Marco Steiner is a award winning underwater photographer with a main focus on blackwater photography. His current project is documenting the creatures that can be found in the Maldives at night during those blackwater dives in the open ocean.
Marco is a long time contributor to Manta Trust and Maldivian Whale Shark Research Programme, he also has been part of Sea Shepherd Operation Jairo in Costa Rica. Recently he has been a contributing photographer for the Elysium Epic Expedition documenting the coral triangle in Raja Ampat.