Jorge Bacelar

Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

Jorge Bacelar was born on the 12th of June, 1966, in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. He is a veterinarian by profession. His passion for pictures begins with video. He started dedicating himself to photography in 2013.\r\nHis work as a field veterinarian in Estarreja and Murtosa was his source of inspiration and allowed him to get to know the protagonists of his photographs: the farmers and their animals.\r\nHis photographs have a raw quality, almost as if painted on, which shows the close relationship that the photographer has with the people he portrays.\r\nIn 2014, he won the photographic contest “Juntos Contra a Fome!", an initiative of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).\r\nIn July 2015, he was awarded the "Nomination Award HPA 2015" in the competition "HPA 2015 9th Humanity Photo Awards" organized by UNESCO and CFPA in Beijing, China.\r\nIn 2016, he became world champion by joining the Portuguese team in the "World Photographic Cup", receiving the prize "Photographic Cup Reportage Bronze Medal 2016".\r\nIn the "Fotógrafo Europeu do ano 2016" contest (FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards), he received the following awards: "Reportage Bronze Camera 2016", "Reportage Excellence Award 2016" and "Reportage Distinction Award 2016".\r\nIn May 2016, he was the European winner of the international photo competition "2016 OIE Photo Competition".\r\nIn October of 2016, in the international competition "Siena International Photography Awards 2016" in Italy, he received the distinction "Remarkable Award".\r\nIn 2016, in Dubai, he was a finalist of the contest "The Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA)" - fifth edition of HIPA on the theme of "Happiness" in two categories "Father and son" and "General".\r\nIn August 2017, he was invited to attend the award-giving ceremony at the "HPA 2017 10th Humanity Photo Awards" a competition organized by UNESCO and CFPA, as he would later be awarded the "Portrait & Costume" category with the Documentary Award, being also nominated for the Grand Award. The awards ceremony was scheduled for September 2018 in China.\r\nIn September 2017, he was invited by the Portuguese coach to rejoin the Portuguese National Team in the 2018´s "World Photographic Cup", on the category of "Portrait".\r\nIn November 2017, in the contest "1st International Art Photographic Salon "Varadinum" in Oradea in ROMANIA 2017", he won the gold medal of the "Global Photographic Union (GPU GOLD) in the category "people".\r\nIn December 2017, in the competition "2017´s International Competition of Photography Transversalities", with the winning portfolio - "Absolute Winner" promoted by the Center for Iberian Studies.\r\nIn December 2017, at the International Exhibition "Singapore Photo Cup" in Digirap, Singapore, he won the gold medal and an honorable mention in the category "Travel".\r\nIn December 2017, at the “5th Circular Exhibition of Photography - Three Country 2017” in Ireland, he won the "Photographic Society of America" gold medal in the category of "Photojournalism" and honorable mentions in the categories "People" and "Children ".\r\nIn Serbia, he won the "Photographic Society of America" gold medal in the "Children" category, a bronze medal in the "People" category and an honorable mention in "Photojournalism".\r\nIn the international contest "Asisafoto 2017" in Spain, he was awarded second place in the category of “free theme”.\r\nAt the "IUP 5th Anniversary Celebration Photo Circuits 2017" in China, in the category "Travel Photography", he won the RPS gold medal - The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, a silver medal and a bronze medal of the "IUP- International United Photographers". He also received an honorable mention in the category "Color".\r\nIn January 2018, he received the news that he had been selected as a finalist in the contest "The Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) - seventh edition of HIPA" in Dubai, with the theme "The Moment" in the category “Portfolio” with a set of 10 photographs.\r\nIn March 2018, he was a finalist in the international competition "Siena International Photography Awards 2018" in Italy, currently awaiting the final result.\r\nHe has participated in several individual exhibitions and in several cultural television programs to talk about his photographic work.\r\nOnly Museums and Lisbon´s Santa Casa da Misericórdia have some of their photographic works.\r\nHe is responsible for the photography section of the “Museu de Ovar” museum, and he is responsible for the curatorship of photographers from all over the world who are invited to exhibit their work there. \r\nThroughout the summer he saw his work exhibited in one of the most emblematic museums in the world that is Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art.´\r\n