Josef Hinterleitner

Country: Austria 🇦🇹

Since 1985, I've been an active member of the photography club in Neuzeug, nestled in my home village of Sierning. A passionate self-taught photographer, I've been capturing moments through the lens of Canon cameras, transitioning to digital photography in 2005. Currently, I wield the powerful EOS 1DX Mark III and the versatile EOS 5D Mark IV. My focus lies in sports, humor, and landscapes.
Throughout my journey, I've celebrated important achievements, from serving as a team photographer at the Paralympics in Nagano and Sydney to clinching titles such as the four-time winner of Austria's national slide competition and six-time victor of the national Naturfreunde competition. Noteworthy accolades include topping the world rankings in Photojournalism Slide by PSA in 1993, securing Europe's sport photo of the year in 1995, and triumphing in the world rankings for Colour Slide in 1999.
Beyond the camera, I find joy in various pursuits. In summer, I embrace the great outdoors through road biking, mountain biking, hiking, and Nordic walking, while winter sees me gliding through snow-covered landscapes with cross-country skiing and snowshoe walking. Intrigued by people and foreign lands, I find endless inspiration in exploring the world and connecting with diverse cultures.