Antonio Aragon renuncio

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

“I´ve always loved photography… and tell stories”.
Antonio AragĂłn Renuncio is a Spanish Photographer with an extensive history in the documentary world.

Since the mid-90s he has always involved with photography: Founds and Chairs “Nostromo” Photographers Association (Spain). He has been a Photography Professor (more than 17 years) in several universities. He was Editor in Chief in Xplorer Magazine (Nicaragua). He has been a freelance photographer for several International News Agencies and General Manager in Xtreme Photo WS (Africa). He organizes and directs the Solidarity Photography Days “Fotografía un Mundo Mejor” (Spain). He writes about photography and publishes his reportages across digital and print international media…

In 2002 he founds, and since then he presides, the NGO OASIS ( which develops every year medical projects in some of the most depressed areas of the Gulf of Guinea in Africa.

He has received more than 250 international awards and recognitions from: UNICEF, HIPA, Allard Prize, Xposure, POYLatam, New York Photo Fair, LBS, ASISA, Environmental Photographer of the Year, IONNYK, Color Pro, Gollut Festival, Umbra, UNESCO, 35Awards, LatinIPA, PX3, La Grande Photo, IPOTY, Direct Look, SIPA, International Digital Biennial Photojournalism, PhotoVisa, LifePressPhoto, IPF, Latin American Documentary Photo Award, REVELA, GEA Photowords…

Antonio’s work has appeared in more than 250 print shows around the world and his images are in a number of public and private collections.

He currently spends his time working on long-term projects mainly in Africa and Central America. He remains committed to issues relating to conservation, global health, poverty, diminishing cultures, discrimination, sustainability and the environment.