Yohan Terraza

Country: France 🇫🇷

Yohan Terraza was born in 1980 in Bordeaux, France. Soon attracted by drawing from childhood, he starts studying in art school before being a graphic designer. He will gradually leave this job from 2007 to become a wedding photographer specialized in Fine Art wedding photography. Always attracted by the Great Outdoor and adventure, he works to perform on his own landscape photography style through mountains and wild places exploration (Norway, Iceland, California, New-Zealand...). His main influences can be found in romantic painters (Friedrich, Turner...) and atmospheric music (Dead Can Dance, Steven Wilson...).
In 2019, he works on a 4 years reporting with the Bordeaux Opera National Ballet for a great book creation
Several times awarded in some nature photographs festival, Yohan put a sted into directing and made his first movie CORE in Norway, followed some years ago by ET PUIS JE VOIS LE BEAU, a 20 minutes film about mourning shot in a wild valley in the Spanish Pyrénées. His second film is now selection for the best short film to SMR13 Festival.