Nick Kontostavlakis

Country: Greece 🇬🇷

I was born in 1983 in Zakynthos, Greece. My main studies were in engineering, but I also attended lectures at “Focus school of Art Photography” in Athens. My photographs are not meant to represent reality or specific locales. Instead, they depict my own subjective feelings about nature, its wildness and unpredictability, and the mystery and psychic emanations of places and peoples.” I have participated in many art exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. One of them was the APhf 2010, where I received the title “Young Greek Photographer” by the Hellenic Center for Photography. Furthermore, in 2014, my work was exhibited in one of the most prestigious galleries in New York, Agora Gallery. Since then I have received more than 20 International Awards from my photography & cinematography projects.