Nadine Galandi

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

I am so happy to be outside and in the great outdoors with my camera with an unshakable optimism. The rain and wind in the face, always hoping for the best light - the sun is about to come through! This allows me to capture the wonderful moment in the picture. To pin my emotions on the memory card and hang them on the wall in colorful pixels afterwards. As a reminder, as an encouragement, as a source of hope.
I'm a 43 year old management consultant and biochemist, university lecturer, former high-performance athlete and coach - like a curious zebra with lots of colorful stripes. I can get excited about so many topics! For a long time I tried to think of myself as a black and white zebra. However, only my many colorful stripes make me what I am! In addition to photography and my work as a business consultant, I now accompany people in discovering their own uniqueness.
Photography is a way for me to show my reverence for the beauty of nature, my respect for perfection. Unfortunately, we as humans are increasingly destroying this balance.