Susan Norton

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Susan Norton is the Executive Director of the US-based conservation nonprofit iLCP, the International League of Conservation Photographers. iLCP’s mission is to support environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography and filmmaking. iLCP is a global community of 140 professional photographers and filmmakers based in 34 countries and working in more than 100 countries; iLCP members drive conservation impact through ethical visual storytelling. She joined iLCP in 2017 but has worked with the organization since its founding in 2005, hosting annual book launches for the iLCP/Conservation International/CEMEX Conservation Book Series. Prior to joining iLCP, she was the Director of the National Geographic Museum from 1995-2012. In that role, she led the museum team in developing many photography-focused exhibitions and started the Museum’s Traveling Exhibitions program - sending exhibitions all over the world. Other roles have included CEO of Wildscreen USA, supporting ARKive, the world’s largest online database of photography, film and scientific facts about threatened and endangered species; Vice President of Business Development for EDG, Exhibits Design Group - an international traveling exhibition organization; and Global Ambassador for the global touring exhibition “1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization”.