Shyjith Onden cheriyath

Country: United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

I am Shyjith Onden Cheriyath from Kerala, India. Designated as an Art Director in a reputed advertising company, in Dubai.

As a creative professional, I have been always passionate about translating ideas through visual languages. It was for obvious reasons than that I picked up a camera but added multiple dimensions to my curiosity.

I started to focus more on photography in 2011 and immediately set my interest on beautiful landscapes. After studying the art further and traveling extensively, I deeply got into environmental and story-based photo series. My journey so far with my camera has been dynamic and an ever-evolving one; since these explorations have unveiled to me the grandeur of different global cultures, people, and their daily lives.

Photography plays a crucial role in my life. It keeps me motivated. It challenges me to do more. We have a vast beautiful mysterious world outside and I try to tap the essence by capturing them from my own perspective. The journey is exciting.
Throughout this adventure, my photographs have been published in various media and platforms including national geographic. Several accolades have been reached in form of awards and certifications from different parts of the world.