Wolfgang Schwan

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Wolfgang Schwan is a photographer known for his powerful and emotive documentary photography capturing war zones and humanitarian crises. Born in Germany in 1978, Schwan showed an early interest in photography and started traveling as a freelance photographer to document the impacts of war, poverty, and social injustices.
His photographs have received numerous awards and recognition for their emotional strength and ability to convey a profound message about human conditions in crisis situations. Schwan, known for his ethical and sensitive approach to documentary photography, always seeks to give a voice to those who have been marginalized or forgotten.
Based in Philadelphia, USA, Schwan resides with his dog, Tor. When he is at home, he focuses on telling stories surrounding addiction and homelessness in his city.
In 2022, Schwan spent much of his time in Ukraine covering the war following Russia's invasion. His focus in Ukraine has predominantly been on Russia's attacks on civilian populations and the subsequent displacements. Wolfgang's photos depicting war crimes in Ukraine have been featured in major international magazines and newspapers, showcased before the United States Congress, and exhibited in several countries, as well as by the Zelenskiy administration.