Pia Parolin

Country: France 🇫🇷

I am a biologist, passionate photographer and book author. Born in Italy, studied biology in Germany and Brazil, and lived many years in Amazonia for my PhD studies before moving to the French Riviera in 2005.
I am a fervent and creative photographer and always carry my camera with me since the day my father gave me a Minolta at the age of 9. I started with travel, landscape and nature photography. In 2016 I discovered street photography and started to develop my new passion. With my photos, I try to capture the dynamics and ephemeral moments of everyday life.
I created the "Promenade Moments" series in 2017, which won prizes, is published in a book by Maison Editrice Baie des Anges and tours through Europe as a solo exhibition (Nice, Magdeburg, Nürnberg, Bonn, Berlin, Trieste, Düsseldorf, Munich).
I was convened to the German Society for Photography (German Society for Photography DGPh) and the Deutscher Fachjournalisten-Verband (German Association of Journalists, DFJV) in 2021. I am also member of the Female Photo Club (Support Member) since 2021, of Collectif Photon in Nice since 2019, the vice-secretary of Antibes Photo Club since 2019, a juror for the French Photography Federation FPF since 2019.
I published several photography books with Maison Editrice Baie des Anges and dpunkt.Verlag.