Fatma Salt

Country: Turkey 🇹🇷

Fatma Gök Salt was born in Mersin. He graduated from Çukurova University, Faculty of Arts and
Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Anadolu University, Photography-Cameramanship. At the
same time, Anadolu University Turkish Language and Literature student.
She continues his photography journey, which she started in Afad in 2012, with group exhibitions,
workshops and project works, and different presentations. She received the titles of Afiap in 2019
and Efiap in 2020. In 2019, she won the Bronze medal in the individual category in the TFSF cup she
participated with the Background Photography Association, of which she is still a member.
In 2019, she won the Sille Art Palace Yurdagül Özsavaşçı Cup with her project named “Seyyah”. In the
same year, she achieved the success of the 1st Round of the Seyit Ali Ak Cup with his show
"Hemdem". Later, she won the 2nd Round success with his “Imkansızı Iste” presentation.
She won the 2nd Ephod Mimar Sinan Cup 1st Round and 2nd Round success and the Hevsel Cup 1st
Round success.
She won the "Governor's Special Award" in the Mardin Photography Marathon 2021. She won 2
special awards in the Erzincan Photography Marathon, GPU gold medal in the SSS National
Photography Contest, and Honorable Mention in the Turkish Pharmacists' Association Photography