Majid Hojati

Country: Iran 🇮🇷

Majid Hojjati
Born 1985 - Iran – Isfahan
Phone: +989131062640
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @Majidhojati
Instagram: majidhojatiphotographer

Beginning of photography since 2000

Specialist in photography from the University of Isfahan
Graduate Certificate of Professional Journalism from the Institute of Scholars
Certificate of the end of the directing and screenwriting period of the Seventh Cinema Institute

Backgrounds and experiences
Selected Personal Session of the Sixth 10 Days Conference with Iranian Photographers 2017
Delegation of the first exhibition of Isfahan news photographers in 2017
Executive Secretary of the photo exhibition by Joseph Pulros (Austrian photographer) and Majid Kourang Beheshti in 2017
The secretary of the first photo festival and photo exhibition of Isfahan, 2016
Executive Secretary and Member of the Policy Council for the First National Sheikh Baha'i Festival in Isfahan 2015
Newspaper photographer, magazine and news agency Imna, JameJam, Ana and the city photo agency from 2010 to 2017
Director of the Department of Media Communication, Isfahan Municipality 2015 and 2016
Isfahan mayor's photographer 2015 and 2016

Join the forums
Official member of the Isfahan Photojournalists Center since the beginning of 2008
Member of the Iranian Association of Photographers 2014 to date
Official Member of the Association of Cultural Heritage Photographers 2015 to date
The official member of the Isfahan artistic photography house since 2008
Official member of the Isfahan Press Society of Photographers 2015

Photographer of the International Children and Youth Film Festival of Isfahan from 2011 to 2013
Photographer for the International Spiritual Heritage Summit 2014
Placing multiple photos at the municipal council, urban space and Isfahan offices 2011 to date
Participation in the second photo exhibition of Tehran 2013
To spend more than 60 workshops in different genres of photography from 2011 to 2017
Holding and managing more than 10 photographic workshops in the center of creativity and innovation of Isfahan municipality 2016
Painting exhibition of more than 7 group and individual photo exhibitions in the center of creativity and innovation of Isfahan municipality 2016
Establishing and launching the city gallery idea at the Center for Creativity and Innovation of Isfahan Municipality 2016

Holding exhibitions
Participation in more than 50 photo group exhibitions in Iran from 2008 to 2017
5 photo solo exhibitions in Isfahan 2012-2018
Holding a photo exhibition in Freiburg, Germany 2013
Holding an Individual Photo Exhibition in Hyderabad, India 2013
Solo Photo Exhibition in South Korea 2014
Conducting a photo group exhibition in America 2015
Holding a group photo exhibition in Armenia 2016
Holding a group photo exhibition in Armenia in 2017
Conducting a group photo exhibition at the National Library of Tbilisi, Georgia, 2017
Holding 2 photo group exhibitions in Paris in 2018

Credits and Awards
Participated in more than 100 national and international festivals photos and received the title and award from 2008 to 2017

Photographic judgments
Judging four national photo festivals

Contributing to the presentation and printing of comprehensive Isfahan book photos 2013
Cha book of the story of a 2014 river
The book of Isfahan 1400 --- 2016
Print Postcard 1392
Photo print in several Isfahan Tourism Culture 2010 books
Print Calendar 2018