Fernando Faciole

Country: Brazil 🇧🇷

Fernando Faciole is a conservation photographer with dual Brazilian and Italian citizenship, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2022, he became the youngest and third Brazilian to join the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), a group representing the world's foremost conservation photographers. That same year, Fernando also clinched his first major international award, opening doors with prominent industry editors.

In 2023, Fernando produced a compelling visual story licensed by National Geographic, shedding light on flamingo conservation in the Dominican Republic. By March 2024, one of the images from this narrative was chosen for the March edition of the National Geographic print magazine, making Fernando one of the very few Brazilians to achieve this milestone.

Fernando has been fortunate to contribute to several projects in Brazil, Latin America, and Africa, focusing on wildlife and conservation photography. Through these endeavors, he has humbly aimed to play a part in the global efforts to preserve various species, including flamingos, caimans, anteaters, giant armadillos, agroforestry biodiversity, crabs, and more.