Philip Coburn

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

I am a photojournalist based in London. I have been a News photographer for over 30 years (seems to have flown by) . In my career starting out covering the 'Troubles' in N. Ireland shooting in black and white film, I have covered the Genocide in Rwanda, Volcano eruptions in Montserrat, Gulf War II, and dozens of 'embeds' in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well numerous other assignments including Hurricane Katrina. I was seriously injured whilst on assignment in Helmand Province, Afghanistan when an I.E.D. blast hit the U.S. Marine M.R.A.P. in which I was travelling in on the 9th of Jan. 2010. I lost my lower legs and broke my back and spent 4 months in hospital. I returned to work later that year. Post injury assignments have included assignments in Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Ivory Coast, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia numerous European jobs