Adrees Latif

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Adrees Latif immigrated to Houston, Texas at the age of seven. As a young teen, he was drawn to images on the front pages of daily newspapers and took his first photojournalism class as a sophomore in high school. He was so inspired by his teachers, that he launched his freelance career before he could legally drive. Adrees received his degree in journalism from The University of Houston. His internships include UPI, Miami Herald, Baltimore Sun and a staff photographer position at the Houston Post. In 1995 he joined Reuters in Houston and since has been based in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Islamabad and New York. Some of Adrees’ notable assignments include the invasion of Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq in 2004 and both the Indian Ocean and Japan tsunamis. In 2011 Adrees procured exclusive images of the Osama bin Landen raid in Pakistan which caused a massive traffic spike and subsequent crash on Adrees won Reuters its first Pulitzer in 2008 and since has edited and curated all four Pulitzer Prizes the photography team has been awarded to date. This year, he was awarded his second Pulitzer Prize, with a team of photographers, for their coverage of Central American migrants and their journey to the southern border of the United States. Adrees is currently based in his home town of Houston from where he photographs top news stories and curates global packages.