Sadegh Souri

Country: Iran 🇮🇷

SADEGH SOURI WAS BORN ON 29/07/1985 IN NAHAVAND CITY – HAMEDAN PROVINCE OF I.R.IRAN.\r\nHE IS ASSOCIATED OF DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY&CINEMATOGRAPHY OF University of Applied Science and Technology.\r\n3RD GRADE ARTISTIC CERTIFICATE IN PHOTOGRAPHY EQUAL AS BA PHOTOGRAPHY FROM MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND ISLAMIC GUIDANCE OF IRAN. \r\nHE STARTED ART ACTIVITY FROM 2005 AND The establishment of four solo exhibitions in 2009,2011,2012.\r\nHE IS CINEMATOGRAPHER ESPECIALLY IN DOCUMENTARY CINEMA OF IRAN AND IN MORE THAN 50 DOCUMENTARY FILMS. AND IN 2017 TOOK BEST PRIZE OF CINEMATOGRAPHER IN IRAN DOCUMENTARY CINEMA FOR HAMJA FILM.\r\nHE IS MEMBER OF :\r\n1-IRANIAN YOUTH CINEMA SOCIETY( IYCS - IYCS.IR)- ZAHEDAN BRANCH\r\n2-NATIONAL IRANIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS SOCIETY (NIPS- NIPS.ORG.IR)\r\n3- IRANIAN PHOTOJOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION (\r\n4-FIAP: Fédération Internationale de l\'Art Photographique. ...\r\nAwards\r\n2015\r\n1- HM AWARD UNICEF PHOTO OF THE YEAR GERMANY 2015-\r\n2- 1ST Series Winner OF VISUAL STORYTELLING AWARDS 2015 LENSCULTURE -\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n2016:\r\n\r\n1-Silver MEDAL Daily Life Stories SECTION 12TH CHINA INTERNATIONAL PRESS CONTEST 2016 \r\n\r\n2-1ST SHORT STORY SECTION festival della fotografia etica 2016\r\n3-FINALISTS leica oskar barnack award 2016\r\\r\n4-First Place, ISSUE REPORTING PICTURE STORY, REPORTAGE DIVISION SECTION 73TH POYI\r\n\r\n\r\n5-FINALISTS lugano photo days-REPORTAGE 2016 Switzerland -\r\n6-HM STORYBOARD OF SIENA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS 2016-\r\n7-HM PRIZE 5TH CHANG FINE ART PHOTO CONTEST 2016 THAILAND-\r\n8-RUNNER UP 2 SELECT JUROR PRIZE KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS\r\n9-exhibitions at the 5th LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism HANOVER GERMANY 2016-\r\n10- exhibitions at ODESSA//BATUMI PHOTO DAYS 2016 -\r\n11-HM PRIZE Visual Stories Exploring Global Themes/2016 USA- HTTP:// \r\n\r\n\r\n2017:\r\n\r\n1-1ST PRIZE OF 7TH RENDEZ-VOUS IMAGE 2017 FRANCE-\r\n2-4TH PRIZE OF la quatrie meimage 2017 FRANCE -\r\n3-1ST AND 4TH PRIZE PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award 2017 -\r\n4-SHORTLISTS OF Reportage-Fotografie OF NANNEN PREIS 2017 GERMANY -\r\n5- JURY HM OF The Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest 2017-RUSSIA -Portrait. A Hero of Our Time- SERIES OF Victims of smuggling-\r\n6-2nd place: Sadegh Souri - Waiting girls (Iran)- The conflict-Direct Look photocontest-2017\r\n\r\n7-FINALISTS –IN CONFLICT VISIBLE WHITE PHOTO PRIZE 2017-64TH EDITION\r\n \r\n\r\n8- MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2017\r\n1ST PLACE IN Black & White Photojournalism Series of the Year 2017(WAITING GIRLS PHOTO SERIE)\r\n\r\nHonorable Mention - Series, Portrait, 2017( LAST PHOTO SERIE)\r\\r\n\r\n9-SHORT LIST Felix Schoeller Photo Award jury has selected the best 187 entries-Portrait - Smuggling victims\r\n\r\n10-FINALISTS OF LUGANO PHOTO DAYS CONTEST 2017-\r\n\r\n11-FINALISTS OF FOAM TALENT MAGAZINE 2017-\r\n\r\n2018:\r\n\r\n1-ACCEPTANCE AND FINALISTS PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award 2018 -\r\n2-ACCEPTANCE OF 8TH RENDEZ-VOUS IMAGE 2017 FRANCE-\r\n\r\n\r\nAnd ….\r\n\r\n1-\r\n2-\r\nWWW.SADEGHSOURI.IR\r\n\r\n