Photo © Audrey Jeane

1st classified

The Forgotten
by Nader Saadallah

The idea of the forgotten short documentary films is to start depending on crafts and professions in Egypt, which are forgotten by time. Maybe after 5 years these crafts won't exist in our daily lives anymore. That's why I wanted to record some of these crafts as a memory in our...

2nd classified

The Frozen Continent
by Luke Bell

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest continent on the planet. Despite this, it's teeming with life. It's truly the most beautiful place I have ever been. To see a place so preserved and untouched by humans was incredible.

3rd classified

PIZZA | The flavor of the Eart
by Antonio Gibotta

The Earth feeds us and offer us the best she can provide. The Earth has been growing the entire humanity since millenniums in a way only a mother could do. Even if we’re not respectful sons, even if we leech off her bounty and her patience, she keeps forgiving us. The region of C...

3rd classified

Hidden Wonders
by Romain Barats

The big blue is a mysterious world, more explored years after years. My video shows some of the best encounters you can have at sea, but you got to earn it! all of those sequences are the result of perseverance, physical commitment, and also big deal of luck. All footage (by dr...

Honorable mention

The Blue lagoons
by Caroline Gaudfrin

French Polynesia has some of the biggest crystal-clear lagoons in the world, worthy of the greatest holiday postcards. But reducing its 118 remote atolls to a palm tree paradise would not do them justice. The world beneath the waves teems with schools of fish, big and small, maki...

Honorable mention

90° Greenland
by Stephan Fürnrohr

Our world is changing, and Greenland is the place where it all is visible to the naked eye. This is a teaser for my current photographic project "90° Greenland". The series features solely photos shot with a professional quadcopter at different places in Greenland.

Honorable mention

by Marco Manzini

This video is the result of one journey I had in east Iceland in January 2019 together with my friend Yan. The goal of our adventure was to visit the Vatnajokull glacier and the ice caves below the glacier in full autonomy, hiking and sleeping on the glacier with our tents. Thi...

Honorable mention

Elephants are just like us
by Joseph Anthony

A 60 second commercial I made for WWF Hong Kong. A campaign about elephants trying to create emotional impact with the audience driving a call to action with hope amidst the despair and to deter the demand for ivory targeting the mainland Chinese market coming to Hong Kong during...

Honorable mention

Pele the goddess of fire
by Joseph Anthony

The 2018 Kilauea eruption was the biggest in 200 years. It had many different stages to it with a total of 24 officially numbered fissures. I captured the footage for this film over a 3 month period both during and after the eruption. Over 700 homes were destroyed, 9000 acres of...

Honorable mention

Film IV Water On Edge
by Marloes Der Kinderen

A one-shot film from my ongoing photo and film project Water On Edge. (Password to see the film on Vimeo is MDK) Water On Edge is part of a process of learning how to look and experience a world awry. In the several seasons spent filming at the river banks of the Haute Loire,...

Honorable mention

Vanishing White
by Yoong Wah Alex Wong Vanishing White arrest the moments of epic encounters of the frozen landscape, Lake Baikal. This video intend to investigate the exceptional formation and condition of the oldest and deepest existing fresh water lake on earth during the c...

Honorable mention

Tiger beach
by Serge Melesan

Diving with the sharks of Bahamas at Tiger beach (grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks) in the sanctuary create for them in 2009. A way to remember that 100 millions of sharks are killed every year from overfishing and above all we need to create around the world...