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Photo © Ivan Pedretti

1st classified

Buzzard at Dusk
by Ben Pulletz

I was out photographing the sunset when I noticed the clouds were beginning to become really atmospheric and moody. A buzzard was originally on a post but it saw me and flew off into a tree. I positioned the buzzard in the light patch of the cloud, and underexposed to keep the r...

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Honorable mention

The Grizzly Bear
by Hannah Grace Vijayan

In Alaska there are plenty of fish available and these grizzly bears happily enjoy feasting on salmon in this area. Most of them are quite satisfied. Hence, it is possible to get a variety of shots of the bears in different happy moods.

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Honorable mention

Evening Stretch
by Ariel Fields

I had to wait a while to capture an interesting pose of Ruthy, a well-known female striped hyena in Israel. The striped hyena is an endangered species as the global population is estimated to be less than 10,000 wild specimens.

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