Photo © Audrey Jeane

1st classified

by Ami Vitale

In the mountains of northern Kenya, a Samburu community is doing something that has never been done before, building a sanctuary for orphaned elephants to rehabilitate them back to the wild. This film tells the extraordinary story of Reteti's first matriarch, Shaba and her relati...

2nd classified

33 Days - Living Among Bears
by Martin Gregus

33 Days is a unique story of our expeditions to a remote part of the Arctic throughout 2020 and 2021. Over the two years myself and my team have spent over 33 days camping amongst the arctic apex predator. Documenting some never before seen behaviours both from the air and from t...

3rd classified

Unity is strenght
by Romain Barats

This video is about the extraordinary adaptation of marine mammals to their natural habitat. Billions of herrings use to migrate to arctic Norway coasts in winter. They are followed by huge predators as humpback whales and orcas. Few years ago orcas developped a coordination te...

Honorable mention

A story from the heart.
by Theodoros Rigos

Adrift, a continuation of the photographic series Afloat, follows the life of Amir Khodajo, a nineteen year old from Herat, Afghanistan, I met during my first visit in Moria. He was the one to show me around - a tour guide of sorts that turned into a good friend. Finding shelte...

Honorable mention

by Erez Marom

In April 2021 I visited Iceland, where I spent two weeks shooting the newly erupted Fagradarsfjall volcano. I was lucky enough to see the volcano grow and evolve from 1 fissure at the time of my arrival to no less than 8 fissures when I left. Video shot with a DJI Mavic II Pro d...

Honorable mention

The Phenomenon Of Memory
by Ingo Rasp

In a world of constant change and transience, we all want to hold on to life‘s extraordinary moments forever. Preserving a fleeting instant of time, making it eternal – to guide us, to remind us. Photographs represent truth through their ability to capture memories in all the...

Remarkable Artwork

BONITA, aerial volcano history
by Fran Arnau

t is 15:10 minutes in the afternoon of September 19, 2021 on La Isla Bonita, La Palma. A loud noise gave way to an explosion and thus began what will be the longest volcanic eruption. The Palmeros have been more than 90 days with their hearts in a fist waiting for the end of the...

Remarkable Artwork

Escape into Homelessness
by O-young Kwon

The current debate about asylum seekers takes place at the refugees’ expense. Not the amount of refugees is alarming but the social and institutional ways of dealing with those leaving their homes due to war, persecution and poverty. Apart from refugee camps being exorbitantly...

Remarkable Artwork

Bahamas shark dive
by Serge Melesan

Dive with sharks in the dive site of Tiger beach and encounter the great hammerhead and tiger sharks