Photo © Audrey Jeane

Remarkable Artwork


by Dirk Rosin

This picture were taken at my home studio in Norway`s small town Rygge. I used to flash Canon Speedlight ex 480 and Sony A7 with Sony Lens 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS, Vario Tessar. One flash was the master and the other one the slave. Both flash were used with 1/16 power. One from below and one from the side. Camera EXIF was iso 100 f 13 and 2 second close time. My intension was to freeze in the movement of drops. Just like my slogan in photography "Catch and hold the moment" The drops released I with Cognysis Water drop kit with only one valve. Getting two drops to collide is usually a very difficult task, three drops are more difficult. Especialy with only one valve. Three drops will be released by the timing that was programmed. By the way that is also possible with DIY drop-maskin i have done it before I owned Cognysis, but perhaps it is easier with help from technology. The process for capturing a photo is not the speed of the camera. In this case was it only 2 second, the magic are the flashes. The flash must be fired in the moment of the drop collision. The drops are falling, the camera open the sensor and after that the flashes are firing. Timing in this picture and surely a bit of luck was the success for me. But this was not the end of the story. After the shooting was the start of working. I used Lightroom and Photoshop CC to edit my photos. This is a must with photography of drops. Clean the photo from small splashes, cut the size, add sharpness an but last not least the color. The post processing takes a lot of time from the hole shooting.